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Vip Program

We highly appreciate the interests of our Gamblers and are happy to encourage your activity. Each time you achieve a new Status, you receive a more advantageous exchange rate for Complimentary Points, and we will also celebrate this event with a nice bonus – the higher the status, the more valuable your bonus!

Place a bet of 100 euros and get your first level in the VIP program.
Join us!

Unicorn VIP 1
1-49 CP
Participation in VIP programParticipation in VIP program
Unicorn VIP 2
50-199 CP
Unicorn VIP 3
200-599 CP
Unicorn VIP 4
600-1499 CP
Unicorn VIP 5
1500-3999 CP
50 EUR+50 EUR
Unicorn VIP 6
4000-14999 CP
125 EUR+125 EUR
Unicorn VIP 7
15000-19999 CP
200 EUR+200 EUR
Unicorn VIP 8
20000-749999 CP
1 000 EUR+1 000 EUR
Unicorn VIP 9
75000-1749999 CP
10 000 EUR+10 000 EUR
Unicorn VIP 10
1750000-0 CP
25 000 EUR+25 000 EUR
1 CP = 12,5 euro bet

For every 12,5 euro bet in slots players get 1 CP, only real bets count towards, bets only in slots count towards

That user have to wager for at least 12,5 eur to achieve first vip lvl

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